Fire Bibles for Prisoners

This program is to help inmates learn more of God’s Word by studying the 77 Articles in the Fire Bible . The inmate must first study and complete the required 10 Articles, using a library or loaner copy of the Fire Bible.

Upon completion of the 10 required Articles, the inmate may apply to the Chaplain to enter the Learn While You Earn Program. An application form must then be completed before the student receives his/her Fire Bible to complete the remaining 67 articles. We are targeting inmates who are self motivated , willing to commit to diligent study, and work to complete at least one Article per week.


1. Qualifying to enter the program
To qualify for the program, the inmate completes 10 required articles. (List enclosed) Worksheets explain the study method. A Worksheet is provided for each article, which is turned in to the Chaplain upon completion. You may duplicate the worksheet form.

2. Applying for entrance to the program
After the inmate has completed the required 10 Articles they may apply and sign a Student Application Form stating their intent to complete the remaining 67 Articles. Upon acceptance into the program by the Chaplain, and as Bibles become available, the inmate receives their own Fire Bible.

3. The Chaplain’s Responsibility
You can do as much or as little as you want with the Worksheets. Basically, we ask you to note which articles have been completed. The Worksheets should be returned to the student for their own spiritual diary. If you wish to counsel or assist the inmate, that’s your call.

4. Other Inmate Requirements
That’s up to you. For example, you may want an inmate to complete a course you are teaching before starting this program.

Chaplain Sign Up

Chaplain Sign Up Form